4 months of EVS project in Philippines by volunteer Marianna Tatsiopoulou, 2018

Just before leaving Greece to go to the Philippines I can only remember the anxiety I felt about the unknown new world. What will it be like? What kind of people lives there? Will I be able to make it on my own? Reaching the small town of Tanay was a kind of cultural shock. By the time I started working on The WASH Project everything was eliminated. The work in the day care centers was very challenging. I had to find a way to work without any equipment, be flexible and always creative in order to satisfy as many children as possible. Children’s love was amazing and at the same time the help and cooperation from parents and day care workers were necessary and the reason all the lessons were completed the best way.

A totally new experience was the recognition days. For two whole weeks we had the chance to congratulate all the children and parents for their hard work during the school year and give them their diplomas.

After the end of the project I got the chance to travel around The Philippines. I hiked the Daraitan Mountain, I walked in a volcano in a lake, I surfed the Pacific ocean I travelled in a boat for 13 hours, I swam with the sharkwhales, I met people from all around the world and after four months I was ready to come back to Greece full of energy and new memories.