European Solidarity Corps - Act Green! in June 2021

The weather is one of the many things that are different between Greece and northern Europe. For people from Germany, Luxembourg or Slovakia, Greece can be really hot during the summer. Just in the forest you can find some fresh air during the summer days. That’s fortunate, because the group of young European volunteers we had in Kryoneri in June 2021 was spending most of the time in mountains. They were discovering, designing, cleaning, cutting, and building some tracking ways, leading to the river or to a cave. Sometimes, they were also helping the village or the community to build or decorate something, for example when the Kindergarten in Corinth needed some help to paint his wall! The after work-siesta was a must in the afternoon and the group could enjoy, with a brand new energy, the beach of Kiato or play volleyball with the youngsters of the village. « This project is a very nice experience to get to know not only new people but also the nature and the culture of Greece » said one participant from Germany, Manon Lehir (Team ESC in June 2021)