EVS project "Elf Around!" Finland (Kokkola), 5.11.-14.12.2018

Some impressions from our volunteer Christina Spyropoulou!

During the period of 5th of November and 14th of December an EVS program took place in Kokkola, Finland where 18 young people from different countries met there, stayed together and cooperated to create an Elf village in the heart of a small forest at villa Elba that Finnish children and families would spend great time with elf's and enjoy original multicultural Christmas spirit! During the project "young elf's" took their time to learn about Finnish traditions myths and basic language as well as more about each other through games, activities and conversation. They also informed and choose the job they wanted to focus during the project made teams and worked like that till the Elf path and village was ready, then families and kindergartens started to visit them to play and have a great time.

My experience as an Elf volunteering to create a non materialistic based elf village and spend pre Christmas time with Finnish people was more than I could ask for. I made great friends and met amazing Finnish people, learned to work in the nature appreciate it and enjoy it to the foolest, cooperate with people from totally different cultural background than me.

I obtained many new skills but most of all I learned many things about my self because at the end change comes from within.