Introductory Training for Team Leaders of Intercultural Exchanges

The training took place in Douarnenez, a city in Brittany, France (22.-29.08.2020), where members of Filoxenia participated too. The first round of the seminar was organized by the French-German Youth Foundation (DFJW-OFAJ) in cooperation with the Greek-German Youth Foundation (DGJW-ΕΓΙΝ). The plan is to have two following rounds (second in Potsdam, Germany – January 2020 and third in Thessaloniki, Greece – April 2020).

The aim was to encourage people, interested in Youth Work and Youth Exchanges, to learn and organize international youth meetings in a pedagogical field. The main points of the first part of the educational training were - intercultural exchange, learning how to act in an intercultural process of a group, but also how to deal with conflicts and treat each other with respect. The program included many “language animation” and “ice-breaking” games, cultural exchanges and discussions on topics such as “what a Team Leader is doing?”, “why do I choose intercultural learning?” etc. We are looking forward to the upcoming next rounds!