“EKOFILI” 2017-18

Project “EKOFILI”, taking place in Kryoneri Korinthia (Greece), consists from two activities (2 flows of Group-EVS projects) involving 10 European programme countries (Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Austria, Spain, Turkey, Liechtenstein, Finland, Luxembourg and United Kingdom).

The volunteering activities will take place during two periods 1-30.6.2017 and 1-31.05.2018, gathering in these 2 EVS-flows 24 young volunteers in total, the most of them with less opportunities.

Having in mind the urgency of a sustainable development in our societies, the idea behind this project is to empower youth workers and their organisations to support social and environmental responsibility, by saving and optimising resources.

In the “EKOFILI” Group EVS-placements the volunteers will have the following tasks:

- work on rural and sustainable development and environmental protection, connected with land tourism's development;

- maintain environmental footpaths, by reusing recycled material for wooden constructions;

- constructing a tree-house for seminar purposes;

- developing flora and fauna information panels;

- setting up an educational permaculture garden;

- creating outdoor mosaics;

- reconstruct a traditional building;

- take part in agrotourism activities.

Through different activities offered to young volunteers and especially those with fewer opportunities, a serious chance to do something new, positive and special in their lives will be given to them. By participating in this project the volunteers will gain more self-confidence, will learn to be more independent, to take responsibility for themselves and the others. This new experience will give them strength, to search for new possibilities in their lives.

All activities will have visible results and impact to the local community. The results are meant to be used by schools and education institutes and in this way, they will have longer term benefits.

The goal of this project is to contribute as example to the sustainable rural development in Greece and Europe.

This project was supported by Erasmus +, Greek National Agency.

1st Group EVS EKOFILI - Video Link