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“Rural development“: two month environmental volunteering - report by Alessandro Della Toffola (14.12.-14.02.2023)

Γεια σας!

My name is Alessandro, I’m 20 years old and I’m Italian. I had the chance to do some volunteering work with ESC and took this opportunity to try something new and interesting and experience a different world. Kryoneri was a completely new experience, I never heard of this village before and was very excited to visit it and live in it for a couple of months.

While staying in Kryoneri I lived with 3 long-term volunteers: Cara and Leo from Germany and Lorenzo from Italy. While here I worked both in the office and outside depending on what was needed. In the office I made some material for Italian-Greek Tandem lessons, preparation for the JOIN Project and worked on my personal project. A couple of times Lorenzo and I had to work outside in the hostel’s garden to prune the trees, cut the grass and even digging a tunnel for the electrical cables for a solar panel system that will be installed. For my personal project I decided to create a little guide about the night sky, how to recognize constellations, a bit of history of astronomy, and the problem of light pollution.

I’m very happy to have had this opportunity, learning a new language, discovering a new culture, being in touch with nature and with some new people.


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"Volunteering in High Priority Areas" 2023.