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Press Release: JOIN Project

Transnational Network of Young Women for an Ecological Just and Social Transition


Kryoneri, Greece

With the JOIN Project, supported by the European Commission, we aims to create an urban-rural ecosystem that bridges diverse perspectives and fosters transnational cooperation among young women. Through joint processes of participation and advocacy, JOIN endeavors to empower young rural women, promote leadership, and catalyze civic and political action towards more inclusive and sustainable societies.


In Kryoneri, the JOIN Project's efforts have revitalized community spirit and fostered a sense of pride among residents. The Cultural Week of Kryoneri, held in July 2023, served as a catalyst for cultural preservation and community cohesion. By showcasing the village's rich heritage through traditional music, dance performances, and film screenings, the event not only provided a platform for artistic expression but also instilled a renewed sense of belonging among attendees.

Furthermore, the Grapes' Festival of Kryoneri with the supports of the JOIN Project, had a profound impact on the local Women's Association, elevating its visibility and fostering community engagement. Through initiatives like the grapes' festival, the Women's Association has emerged as a driving force for social change, attracting new members and advocating for gender equality and women's empowerment.

Moreover, we focused on digitalisation, empowering young women in Kryoneri by equipping them with essential skills and tools for participation in the digital age. Initiatives like the creation of "" on Instagram have not only connected youth with local events and opportunities but have also facilitated dialogue and collaboration among community members.

Following the principles of circular economy and sustainability, during a week-long greek-german youth exchange, the participants get involved in interactive games designed to prompt reflection on their environmental impact and encourage sustainable behavior. Through activities centered on the principles of circular economy and reuse, participants explored innovative ways to reduce waste and minimize their ecological footprint. The success of this workshop series prompted us to extend the initiative to our young females in the Youth Club of the Cultural Association of Kryoneri, where it was met with enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.

Driven by a shared commitment to preserving our natural heritage, the participants embarked on a journey of discovery alongside ESC short-term volunteers during the summer of 2022. This collaborative effort culminated in the opening of a footpath adjacent to the river Elisson on the 3rd of August 2022, providing a gateway for exploration and reflection in the heart of the village. This practice

gave the participants the opportunity to get to know the local flora and fauna and realise that the level of the water has decreased over the past years and started a discussion during the whole work progress, what we as individuals can do to live respecting the biodiversity and the environment.

Addressing the challenge of depopulation with the JOIN Project has spearheaded efforts to inform and engage young people in Kryoneri and surrounding areas. Through educational activities and on-spot visits, such as the "Peddy Paper" excursion to the Martyr village of Kalavryta, we raised awareness about the importance of rural communities and inspired youth to take an active role in shaping their future. 

Following this topic, on the 19th of November, our participants embarked on a journey of discovery, collaborating with the Women's Association of Kryoneri to explore the transformative potential of community-led initiatives. The Arkadiani Study Visit in the village of Psari Gortynia, Megalopolis, showed the power of community-driven initiatives in revitalising local economies and preserving cultural heritage.

Comprising an artisan workshop, a restaurant serving seasonal cuisine sourced from a private vegetable garden, wood-burning ovens, a Cookery Museum, an Old Bookstore, a Theatre, and a Museum of the Primary School, Arkadiani has become a cornerstone of the community, providing employment opportunities and fostering a sense of pride and identity.


As we reflect on the successes of past initiatives like the JOIN Project, which have illuminated the path towards inclusive, resilient communities, we are developing idea and making new steps for the future. This forthcoming project represents an approach to addressing the interconnected challenges of empowering women, sustaining the environment, and embracing digitalisation in rural areas.

We start with the Carpooling, this project offers a car service exclusively for women, addressing the need for safe and reliable transportation. A schedule is made every Sunday and posted both physically at a central location such as a café and online at Women can register by providing name, date, time, seat availability and contact number. By signing up, the women will be able to connect with each other and co-ordinate their trip to the destination. The objective of this project is to establish a secure environment for women while simultaneously promoting their independence.

Furthermore we have a Meteorological station, in a village mainly inhabited by farmers whose economies depend on the weather, the establishment of a meteorological station is a crucial step towards strengthening the community's economic stability. The proposed station will provide reliable weather forecasts, enabling farmers to proactively prepare for upcoming adverse weather events, thereby safeguarding their agricultural crops. With climate change causing increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, investing in a meteorological station would be a wise decision for the future.

A distinctive element of FILOXENIA lies in giving space to the interests of volunteers, for example, allowing them to develop topics that motivate and inspire them. The initiative aims to disseminate among the residents of Kryoneri through the village website ( ) the creative material produced by volunteers, so we get back of the topic of digitalisation, making our website a reliable and complete reference point for residents, providing a platform where they can find updated and relevant information about village life. This approach not only facilitates the development of a more informed and cohesive community but also promotes local culture and resources.