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Joinproject Europe in Portugal 19-27th of March

Between the 19-27th of March 2023 Filoxenia sent 6 young females to Alentejo, Portugal, to take part in the join project Europe, which is about the topic "Transnational Network of Young Women for an ecological just and social Transition".

Read the thoughts of one of the participants, Athanasia Soulandrou: 

"My name is Athanasia Soulandrou and I am one of the greek participants in the Join program and the trip to Portugal on March 19-27. During the program we had to be informed about the thematic sections: Depopulation, Circular Economy, Biodiversity and Water & Agriculture. We achieved this through the many non-formal education activities. One of my favorite aspects of the program was the atmosphere that was created between the participants. In particular, teamwork and the exchange of information and personal experiences, without one person judging the other, were crucial for all of us to feel comfortable and safe in order to engage creatively with the topics. The activities included energizers, role plays, content creation,debates etc. Initially the activities had an informative character, not only to get to know each other, the participating people from the different countries, but also to get a first idea of the topics. Then we dealt with them in depth. A typical example for me is the activity at the home of two organizers who, during their hospitality, explained to us how they have managed to create and maintain a garden-forest through agroforestry. It was an amazing experience as we could see their efforts, the result and the satisfaction they got but also how it can be applied in our own land. I also really liked our daily contact with the village and its inhabitants. Going for breakfast in traditional bakeries and cafes, eating with the most organic vegetables in Nativa, a local and active collective, were for me what gave the program a personal character. An incredible and special experience during which I learned things I never imagined, met wonderful people, enchanting places and came back full of supplies and memories."