Virag and Alleta from Hungary and their EVS experience in Kryoneri, Greece

In the first month of our EVS period we were working on a painting in the local kindergarten. Similar to the previous volunteers we painted nice drawings, animals to the outside wall of the kindergarten.

It was a very grateful task, the kids were watching us curiously all the time. In the beginning we spent some days together with the children in order to get to know each other. They were very friendly and opened to us. We enjoyed painting so much, we were lucky to have beautiful summer weather at the beginning. We created a funny and friendly owl and fox.

Painting the school needed more time..The director would like to have big painted tree in the common space of the school since a long time, where they can make a reading corner for the children. In the second part of our EVS project we painted this tree with bushes and little animals. The kids were really interested and enthusiastic about it. They were watching us excitedly and made conversation in english and greek with us.They made their own drawings about the tree and their expectations. We are very happy with the result!