Group EVS project "URBAN BEAT" in Slovenia

Group EVS project "URBAN BEAT" in Krsko, Slovenia
1 month project (1.8.2018 - 5.9.2018)

During that period four Greek volunteers, Athanasia, Maria, Efstratios and Ioannis helped creating the music festival, creating an outdoor space for acoustic concerts, art exhibitions, hanging around place, supporting local associations working with young people ect.

"And it happened!! The Generator Festival started yesterday after one month of preparation! Our job as volunteers is to work for the festival, prepare food, make games for children, preparation for the sofas, the lights, the bar and everything for the place were the festival take place. We are young people from Greece, Slovakia, Finland, Italy and Spain. We have very nice time together, in our free time as well..... Everything is amazing!"
This project was supported by Erasmus + programme.