EVS project "Elf Around!" in Finland, (Kokkola), 5.11.-14.12.2018

Some impressions from our volunteer Georgia Kyriakakou!

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a very special and life changing volunteer program in Kokkola, Finland. This project gave me the opportunity to feel the Christmas spirit to the fullest, offer my service to the local community, feel useful, be creative and make memories that will last a lifetime. During this month and a half we spent in Kokkola, I had the opportunity to create a Christmas village with the other volunteers from all around Europe, where the locals had the opportunity to meet and greet us elves, have fun with our games in the woods and enjoy the festive atmosphere. This experience gave me the chance to come closer to a beautiful culture, meet so many talented people and be a part of something unique. The tempo of our lives is so fast sometimes, that we forget how ethically and mentally rewarding is to offer without expecting a reward. The reward is the love and pride we get from all the beautiful smiles of the people we managed to make happy even for a few hours. I will never forget this experience in my life and I encourage everyone that hasn’t tried yet, to take a chance and be a part of something as beautiful as a European voluntary program.