“Youth Jump!” (01.07.- 08.07.2018 in Kryoneri, Greece)

“Youth Jump!” was an Youth Exchange organised during the period 01.- 08.07.2018 in Kryoneri-Korinthia, Greece, for 26 participants from Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Belgium and Greece. The main theme of this activity was to promote healthy lifestyle among young people through sport and raise awareness among young people about European Cultural Heritage about its importance, protection and sustainability.

This project involved young people from different backgrounds, from different cultures and young people with less opportunities  (geographical obstacles, young migrants etc.). Young people got the opportunity to learn more about the history of Olympism and their philosophy that was born during the ancient time in Greece. During this Exchange it was important for us to motivate young people, to be active in their lives, to make them understand, that regular physical activity helps to maintain a healthy body and to promote equality and tolerance in their life.

During the activities we focused on ethics in sports, awareness of the importance of sport in the lives of young people, to combat social exclusion, xenophobia and stereotypes. This exchange focused on sports and the methodology of learning by doing, dialogue, active listening, reflection and cooperation. The result from the youth exchange “Youth Jump!” is an “Outdoor games park “ created by young people, open for the local community.

This project was supported by Erasmus + programme.

Short impression from the youth exchange by Slovak participants:


„Our journey to Greece began on early morning, 1st July 2018 from Vienna, Austria. We flew to Athens and later to our place by train. Our first meeting with the participants was unforgettable. I was greatly surprised to have found all of them awesome people with nice personalities. The youth exchange was named 'YOUTH JUMP' and included participants from 5 countries: Italy, Spain, Belgium, Greece, and Slovakia. The places, which we visited, were full of positive energy and history. The games, which we played, make me get to know the other countries. Hostel Elisson was full of positive vibes, and I found there everything what I needed. Food was delicious and a nice change from what we, the Slovaks, are used to. Thanks for having given me a chance to be part of the exchange. I practiced the basic of English in a regular conversation. I certainly recommend this exchange to other young people. If I had an opportunity to participate again, I wouldn't hesitate for a second.”


“I am really happy that I was one of the participants of the Erasmus+ Exchange Program. I met new people, and I can call this a life-changing experience. I have learnt new things about other countries that I had not known before. Traditional Greek food was really tasty and healthy, and I will also try to get more healthy food for myself from now on. Greek people that we met along were very kind and friendly which I was a bit of surprise, when especially these days, people do not seem to care about each other that much. The team leaders did a great job, and I cannot imagine that we would have had better ones. I was enjoying every single moment of my stay in Greece, and I am hoping that I will have a chance to participate in something similar just like this project.”


“I really enjoyed this Exchange. We did a lot of funny activities and even created our own ones. We also made a few wonderful trips around the region. We learnt something new about each country that participated in this Exchange. I’ve made new friends and practiced my English with them. I would recommend this Exchange to everyone!”