Story of Long term EVS project in Würzburg, Germany

My name is Ino Poulou and I'm 18 years old.

It's been already 6 months after my arrival in Germany and the beginning of my volunteering service in the kindergarten of the city Würzburg, in Germany, and I haven't even realise it! All these daily activities didn't even let me realise how fast the time flies. In my working sector, I learnt how to cooperate with my colleagues, I learnt how to handle different situations with the children's behavior, with I work with, I learnt how to solve problems, which may exist, I organised some activities with the children and all of these things made me create good relationships with the kids and their parents as well. Of course it was really hard for me in the beginning to be able to express myself in the way that I wanted (even if I already knew the basics in German), but as time passed and with having the right people next to me, that support and help me, I managed to improve my language skills.

Moreover, the program gives to us, volunteers, the opportunity to attend German lessons once a week. In my social sector, I've developed many friendships with people, that I met here, ending up building amazing relationships with them and I can say already with certainty, that these will continue to exist after my project. About the beautiful city of Würzburg, in my opinion it is the ideal city. It's a city where many students are studying and it's perfect for night life. And except of these things, I'm also traveling some times, since travels are really important for me, because I already had the chance to see many different parts of Germany, by visiting new cities every time. On the whole, I wanted to say that I'm really grateful and thankful, that I was given the opportunity to work as volunteer and to gain all the experiences, that I could never imagine to have. I'm looking forward for the remaining 6 months!