EVS volunteering project in Hammelburg, Germany


I’m working every day for 6 hours at the kindergarten Saint Josef. Every day, I'm learning German and I can speak already with the children at a very good level. When I arrived here I didn’t speak German at all. I play with the children and I help them with everything they need.

I already finished my first seminar in Benediktbeuern and it was very interesting because we learned about the other volunteers and important things about the German culture. Every month I have a meeting with my project manager and many other volunteers. We already finished 2 meetings and I met new people from different countries and at the second meeting I learned many things about Anna’s Frank story at the Museum in Wϋrzburg.

Until now I had travelling in Wϋrzburg and Mϋnchen and I’m looking forward for the continuation of this experience.

Written by volunteer:

Konstantina Palaiologou