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Sustainability in everyday life - part 2

In April we completed the first half of our Youth Exchange Program "Sustainability in everyday life", in collaboration with Kleiner Muck eV. Now, in July we finally invited all of the participants to Kryoneri for the second part of the project. From 8th to 16th of July, the youngsters took part in various workshops regarding sustainability and even created a book with their own international recipes together. Of course, a few excursions were included, too.

During the workshops they learned how to use the Tie-Dye technique for colouring clothes or other textiles in original ways and they also got to make their own natural, homemade lipbalm. The group took the chance to share cultural similarities and differences. Each one of the participants had a "secret friend" that was revealed in the end, just like during the first exchange in April. There also was the possibility of giving each other small tokens or messages via individual letterboxes for every one.