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ESC experience from our volunteer Clara from Germany


"My name is Clara and I'm a short term volunteer in the beautiful village Kryoneri, Korinthias. The topic of my project is „rural development“.

My time here is almost over and I would like to report a bit about the work and the projects I did.

I got the great opportunity to help with an olive harvest near the village. I learned a lot about olives, the region and the difficulties of olive harvesting due to climate change or labour shortage. We, the volunteers were a good team and able to pick many olives in a short time. As a reward, we tasted and enjoyed the freshly pressed olive oil. From now on I will appreciate the olive oil I buy more, because I now know how much hard work goes into it.

Anne (a great long term volunteer:) and I painted the walls of the sports field at the school here in the village. Volunteers before us painted it long ago. We liked the design, so we repainted it and “pimped“ it up with some renewals.

I am also helping in the hostel I live in. Last week a seminar group came and we were responsible to clean the hostel and prepare the rooms.

Otherwise I am in the office a lot and write articles and plan my next projects. During my time here I organized some events for the villagers, as for example a Mask and Movie night for the youngsters. Read more about it in this article:

I also organized with the help of another kind volunteer called Max, an intercultural evening. We introduced Germany with a video, a quiz, German music and dances. I also baked a typical German “Apfelstrudel“. How the evening went you can read in this article:

My two month in Greece were a great experience and I learned many things for my life! I would recommend anyone to go out of their comfort zone and have a volunteer experience in a new country."