"Culture for All" Youth Exchange

Filoxenia was happy to host yet another youth exchange, "Culture for all". During one week (6-12.07.2021), young people from Czech Republic, Germany and Greece cooperated on the topic of culture- art and music.

With the help of our two guests Marek and Katarina Bolf (from Bolf Kalimbas), the youngsters were able to get to know each other and learn all about rhythm, sound, dynamic and of course woodwork. A workshop was set in place, to teach them about kalimbas and how the couple make each instrument by hand. After a long week filled with love, passion and dedication, everyone had made their own little kalimba and become a true musician.

Short impression from the YE project "Culture for All" from our youngest participants. Their first experience  :)

A special week of knowledge and happiness
Meeting people from many countries and cultures
Making friendships and memories
At the middle of the summer we learned how to create a new music instrument the Kalimba
I am impressed from the way that art and music can bring people together!


Μια ξεχωριστή εβδομάδα γνώσεων και ευτυχίας
Συναντώντας ανθρώπους από διαφορετικές χώρες
Δημιουργώντας φιλίες και αναμνήσεις
Στη μέση του καλοκαιριού μάθαμε να δημιουργούμε ένα νέο μουσικό όργανο την Καλίμπα
Με εντυπωσίασε το γεγονός πως η τέχνη και η μουσική μπορούν να ενώσουν τους ανθρώπους!


Milona Chrisanthi
Milona Stella