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Act green: one month ESC voluntary service in Kryoneri - experiences from Francesca Pavan (September 2023)

Γεια σας!
My name is  Francesca, I’m 18 years old and I’m Italian.  
I had the luck to spend one month in Kryoneri, in September, volunteering with Filoxenia before the start of my last year of high school in Italy.
Kryoneri was not new for me: in June I took part in a volunteering group project and the small village I had the opportunity to live in, it made me fall in love with this new  culture. In this second experience I had worked in the office, organizing social events and carrying on personal projects. Shai and I, the Israeli girl I lived with, coordinated a cooking masterclass in which local people could try our own traditional recipes; in the pictures below I’m preparing Tiramisù. In addition, during this month I was able to develop personal interests: I created a botanic encyclopedia with the most common plants and flowers in Kryoneri after having walked along the footpaths in the village and taken pictures.
In my view the enriching part of this experience is the social aspect. Practicing the language, living with different people, being independent are just a few of the challenges I was happy to face everyday.
I’m glad I had the opportunity to live a different Greek life and to be in touch with so many people.