“EKOFILI” 2017-18

“EKOFILI” 2017-18

Project “EKOFILI”, taking place in Kryoneri Korinthia (Greece), consists from two activities (2 flows of Group-EVS projects) involving 10 European programme countries (Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Austria, Spain, Turkey, Liechtenstein, Finland, Luxembourg and United Kingdom).


For the sixth time in 2010, Saturday, November 26, 2010 threeof our members participated in the recording of birds in the Lake Stymfalias. The birds, to our great joy was far more than in October, therefore increasing the level of water and because of the migratory season.


On 15th May, youngsters from different countries gathered together in a village called Kryoneri in the region of Corinth, Greece. We had come there to participate in a voluntary EVS project called AGROroads2.