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ActGreen! August 2022
This August we finally welcomed another ActGreen! Team project from the European Solidarity Corps! 15 participants from Luxemburg, Spain, Italy and Slovakia stayed from 26th of July until 10th of August. During their stay, they worked on the local footpaths, reconstructed the mosaics and spent time with locals, learning more about Greek culture and the local history....more
"Act Green!" - a Good Practice Project, recognized by the ESC
As part of the European Solidarity Corps program, FILOXENIA has organised the volunteering project “Act Green! “ which gave young people the opportunity to learn and participate in activities for environmental protection, agricultural development, cultural heritage, reuse and recycling of materials. This project included two Team volunteering projects and four long-term volunteering placements....more
European Solidarity Corps - Act Green!
The weather is one of the many things that are different between Greece and northern Europe. For people from Germany, Luxembourg or Slovakia, Greece can be really hot during the summer. Just in the forest you can find some fresh air during the summer days. That’s fortunate, because the group of young European volunteers we had in Kryoneri in June 2021 was spending most of the time in mountains....more
"Environmental Sustainability in Micro-Communities"
24-28 November 2021, The Ranch in Sofiko, Corinthia. The aim of the activity was to strengthen the knowledge and skills of youth workers who in turn will be able to provide young people with greater access, inspiration for participation and higher quality learning outcomes in activities and actions related to permaculture and eco-living....more
"Act Green!" 2021
This year, Filoxenia was happy to welcome yet another group of volunteers for the ESC project "Act Green!". Young people from Italy, Spain, Germany, Slovakia and Luxembourg, stayed in Kryoneri to work on environmental protection topics for the entire month of June 2021. Activities: - Cleaning and creating environmental footpaths around Kryoneri - Marking and mapping hiking trails - Recycling -...more
The footpath is located where the ancient Kryoneri used to be and it leads along the river „Elisson“. In the years 1850, the traditional flagstones footpath and the fountains were built. At that time about 10 families lived in houses along the footpath. They used this path to go to the fountain by foot or with donkeys. Around 1960, the pipe water system was installed in Kryoneri, and people...more
European Solidarity Corps - Act Green! 2020
About us We are 4 volunteers from 3 countries: Luxembourg, Slovakia and Romania, aged between 20 and 30 years. Two of us arrived in October for a 3 months stage (long term) and the other two arrived one month later, in November, for a 2 months stage (short term). We are hosted in a Hostel (Elisson Hostel). There we cook our own food and take care of the place, spend time and have fun together,...more
"Act Green!" project
The European Environmental Volunteering Program “Act Green” was the first team activity developed under the program European Solidarity Corps, managed by FILOXENIA -Intercultural-Environmental Organization, with support from the Greek National Agency, the Institute of Youth and Lifelong Learning....more
Project "Act Green!" coordinated by Service national de la jeunesse, Luxembourg
This project was coordinated by the Luxembourgish organization Service national de la jeunesse (SNJ). The Partner organization - FILOXENIA conducted a volunteering activity in Kryoneri, Korinthias (Greece)....more
On 15th May, youngsters from different countries gathered together in a village called Kryoneri in the region of Corinth, Greece. We had come there to participate in a voluntary EVS project called AGROroads2. The first weekend was about getting to know each other and our surroundings. And then the work started. The first week went past too fast, as everyone got used to the strange work, even...more