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Remembrance Trails no.2 - report by volunteers from Turkey (17.09.-16.10.2023)

“Remembrance Trails”, is a team volunteering project taking place in Kryoneri Korinthias (Greece), consisting of four volunteering team projects, involving 5 European programme countries (Greece, Italy, Austria, Finland, Spain) and 1 of the third countries associated to the programme Turkey. The first team volunteering project took place during the period 2.5.-1.6.2023, the second round during the period 17.09.-16.10.2023. Our main focus in this project is on memory, rural and sustainable development in terms of historic and environmental protection. Memory and environment as our cultural heritage! 

"This project is Founded by the European Union
"Volunteering in High Priority Areas" 2023


Article written by Baki Omer Arioz (Turkey)

“What a month!!!
From the first moment I came here, I already thought that this month would be good. But I couldn’t have imagined this. First of all, I want to talk about Krioneri. Krioneri is a small village, about 800 people are aware of why they live here and live in harmony with nature and greenery. They do not forget to raise their heads and greet people passing by and smile. I think this is a very important point because this is not possible in big cities. The number of people here is low, but the level of communication is high. In addition, Greek culture, food, music and warm-hearted people seriously influenced me.
In addition to local people, we became like a family in a very short time with my teammates who participated in the project with me. This was the best thing that this project brought to me. While sharing the same house with a group of people from different parts of the world, each of them affected me in different ways, reminding me once again that love is something far beyond languages, races and cultures. We made memories that I will never forget throughout my life and we worked, had fun and learned together in this beautiful Greek village.
I think living in nature has a big part in everything progressing so positively, because living an orderly life in nature makes you happier, more patient, and more enjoyable in everything you do. The breath you take is sweeter, the sleep you get is better quality, the food you eat tastes tastier.
Krioneri will always have a special place in my heart, I hope one day I can come back here to revive these beautiful memories and feel it deeply again.”


Article written by Ceren (Turkey)

“Geia sou! I am Ceren. I want to tell you a little about my experiences. We came to Kryoneri to volunteering project “Remembrance trails’’ hosted by Filoxenia between 17.09.23-16.10.23. This was the second volunteering project i participated in. I love small town projects and so I loved this project. We stayed in Hostel Elisson. It was a very warm house surrounded by nature. We made very good friendships with people from different nationalities. I am sure these friendships will last a long time. We all had the opportunity to get to know Greek culture closely. We all worked together in the nature, garden and the forest. I learned many new things about agriculture, maintaining the footpaths and gardening while we worked. And the work we did was very meaningful. We all discovered new places, history together and I also discovered myself more. We took Greek lessons and thanks to this, I learned the Greek alphabet and many Greek words. Efcharistó :) We also went to Nafplion and Athens with other volunteers. I had many unforgettable and funny experiences.
Therefore I would like to thanks to FILOXENIA and S&G.”


Here you can watch a short youtube video created by the volunteers, visualising their experiences:


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