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European Voluntary Service

The European Voluntary Service program (EVS) is the Action 2 of the "YOUTH in ACTION" programme of the European Union.

The "EVS adventure" started within our organisation in May 1997 through the pilot EVS Network "Creative Cooperations", hosting the first EVS volunteer in Greece Uenver Meseci, a young Turkish-German painter. Following this, we opened other EVS hosting projects such as local hosting or coordination organisations.

The current EVS hosting project in Kryoneri comprises of the following:

DURATION: 1 till 6 months

Village of KRYONERI with 1.000 inhabitants. People live mainly on farming (grapes and olives).
What you can find: shops (such as a mini market, a bakery and a butcher), a youth centre, taverns and a cafe, an agro-tourist hostel, an observatory.
Its socio-cultural and educative infrastructures are: a kindergarden, a primary school, a secondary school, a cultural centre, a youth center and a play ground.
Sports installations: football, mini-soccer, basketball and volleyball grounds.
Sea-side is at 15 km, and the moutainous area of Stymphalia / Feneo at 20 km.


1) Environmental education & actions :

  • Creating educational material (games, information panels, powerpoint presentation, videos);
  • Environmental workshops at schools: craft with recycled material, realize environmental games;
  • Helping in youth and school groups environmental excursions;
  • Environmental campaigns (World Water Monitoring Day, Bird Watching day, Recycling day)

2) Outdoor activities .

  • Marking, cleaning, creating and mapping footpaths for mountain bikes and hiking,
  • Creating environmental informative wood panels;
  • Building bridges and other wood constructions;
  • Organising outdoor sports activities for children and youngsters;
  • Biking lessons for children;
  • Bird watching (4 times a year)

3) Creative and Cultural activities for YOUTH and CHILDREN

  • Creative workshops for children (craft, dance, music);
  • Intercultural workshops (at the cultural centre or at the schools): presenting their culture, language workshops, intercultural dialogue activities;
  • Organising free time activities in co-operation with local associations;
  • Outdoor cinema projection during the summer;
  • Promotion of local heritage: Gathering field information and create information material for the promotion of the region, its traditions and cultural and natural heritage (video spots, leaflets, etc.)

4) Support of Ecocitizens network:

  • Communication & stimulation of members;
  • Create an Eco-newsletter;
  • Research of of eco-best practices online;
  • Update the website;
  • Creation of training kits on eco-best practices

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From 1998 till 2005 Filoxenia coordinated the following projects:

Long Term EVS Host projects (4)

Short Term EVS Host projects (2)


At the same time we send Greek EVS volunteers all over Europe.

EVS Sending volunteers