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Planet park


As part of the Youth Exchange "Cosmic Youth" (European Programme "Youth in Action") held in  Kryoneri Korinthias during the period 11.-19.09.2012, a planet Park was  created in in the courtyard of the Youth Hostel "Elisson."

The park is a representation of our solar system in microscale with exact proportions to the sizes and distances of the planets from the sun. The Planet Park was designed by a joint "technical group" of young people aged 16-19 years from Greece, Luxembourg, Slovakia (Kosice), and Slovenia (Ptuj), from organisation-members of the European Youth Centre Network ENYC.
The engineer and Director of the Technical School EPAS of Kiato Panos Megaritis has supervised the Planet Park construction. The installation has been constructed in the steel construction factory of Ioannis and Andreas Rovas (Kiato).

The panels of the planets have been created by the research groups of youth the exchange and in all languages ​​of the participants involved (see panels below).

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