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Video (4:04 min) 5th-12th August 2015 in Kryoneri Korinthias Participating 22 young people from Liechtenstein, Estonia and Greece. Project hosted by Filoxenia in Kryoneri Korinthias, Greece. Coordinated by EJL Liechtenstein. This project was supported by Jugend fur Europa Liechtenstein, EU program...
Posted on: 25 September, 2019
Video (16:48 min) Supported by German-Greek Fund for the Future. Organised by FILOXENIA.
Posted on: 26 January, 2016
Video (3:39)
Posted on: 18 December, 2015
Video (6:23)
Posted on: 18 December, 2015
Video no longer available
Posted on: 18 December, 2015
Video (6:24) “Sports 4 All” was a Youth Exchange organized by Filoxenia, during the period 2 -10.09.2013 in Kryoneri (Greece) for young people from different European countries. read more
Posted on: 7 April, 2014
Video (1:01 min)
Posted on: 24 April, 2013
Video (9:59 min) As part of the Youth Exchange "Cosmic Youth" (European Programme "Youth in Action") held in Kryoneri Korinthias during the period 11.-19.09.2012, a planet Park was createdin in the courtyard of the Youth Hostel "Elisson."
Posted on: 15 January, 2013
Video (3:50 min)
Posted on: 17 October, 2012
Video (5:29 min) Valley and lake of Stymphalia are located in Greece ,north-east of Peloponesse,70 km from Korinth and encircled by the Kilini mountaineous chain.That is a natural reserve existing for many thousands years. Many of us for sure have listened this name,but can't tell anything more. At...
Posted on: 9 April, 2010
Video (7:59 min)
Posted on: 1 April, 2010
Video (6:59 min)
Posted on: 1 April, 2010