The village is in the centre of Corinthia, at the same distance between the sea and the mountains. It is built like an amphitheatre, at 740 meters of altitude and has a panoramic view on the Corinthian Gulf.
Mount Vesiza (1.200 m.) overlooks the village and constitutes the natural border with the plain of Stymfalía. From this mountain, the river Elisson spreads, which crosses Kryoneri and the evergreen plain, before flowing in the Corinthian Gulf, towards Kiato.


The region is famous for the healthy climate and the clean air. Kryoneri was in the 50's and 60's a place for recovery, while coastal zones were infested from mosquitoes and the malaria. In fact, sick people rented rooms by families of the village during the summer period, because of the healthy climate. Since the houses were not sufficient, many lodged in camps in the forest outside the Lechova monastery (1.000 m. altitude).
Kryoneri is known as well for its clean air and sky and the lack of humidity that allows observing clearly the stars from the observatory.