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Art & Culture

We work in the following fields:

Cinema projections

Summer outdoor cinema projections.

During the summer months (June to August 2004) we initiate he summer outdoor cinema in the mountains, projecting 8 films in the open amphitheater of Kryoneri (200 places).
This was integrated in the cultural festival of the municipality of Sikyon "Sikyionia 2004".



Intercultural theatrical activities

We have participated in European youth exchanges in 1999, 2000 & 2001 which showed the final pieces of theatre in mixed languages: "Antigoni" of Sophocle and "Nathan the Wise" of G.E. Lessing.

Cooperation at local level:

Cooperation with the theatre team "Atheato Theatro".

Workshop "Forum Theatre": from 2004 we cooperated in a European pilot action in the frame of the "Youth program- Action 4".


Art creation and expression

Practical course for 2 students of the Art School of St Etienne (FR)


In 2002, we hosted two students from France who artistically supported the youth organisation of the region: creation of logotype, creation of posters, creation of theatrical decor, environmental happenings, etc.





Filoxenia has worked with multimedia projects since 1998.
Multimedia is a tool that we use to promote our activities and other organisational activities.
It is also a way for the youth to express themselves.



Creation of video presentations at the youth information centre office (digital camera shooting, video editing with computer).


Printed material: Youth newsletters

Our organisation supports youth expression through written pieces. We work as counselors and technical support for youth teams and organisations.


Youth newsletter "I Leschi " in cooperation with the Youth association of Kryoneri in the frame of the Youth program- Action 3.1 Youth initiatives (8 exemplars in 1998-1999).


"Greek EVS Newsletters" for the foreign EVS volunteers working in Greece, in the frame of the Future capital project of Emmanuel Mappus (3 exemplars in 2000-2001).



Creation of the website (2000 to 2001) for information to the foreign EVS volunteers in Greece.
This initiative continued from 2002 until 2004 with the creation of the website of the Greek Network of ex-EVS volunteers, realised by the ex -EVS team of Korinthia, whose members are active ex-EVS volunteers of our organisation

Creation of a website for the region of Stymfalia (2002).

Creation of a website for the region of Kryoneri (2005).