Environmental Footpath of Kryoneri

The footpath is located where the ancient Kryoneri used to be. It leads along the river „Elisson“

In the years 1850, the traditional flagstones footpath and the fountains were built. At that time about 10 families lived in houses along the footpath. They used this path to go to the fountain by foot or with donkeys.
Around 1960, the pipe water system was installed in Kryoneri, and people started to abandon this part of the village.



About 40 years later, in July 1999, European & local volunteers started to re-open and rebuild the foopath, that started to live again.

Finally in 2006 after a proposal of the NGO FILOXENIA, the European Leader+ programs subsidised the final restauration of the stone footpath of Kryoneri.

The second part of the footpath is a beautiful ecosystem along the river Elisson
It has ist own Ecosystem. This means that it is the „home“ to many different animals and plants.