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Botanic Garden

The Youth Support  organisation "Filoxenia " welcomes volunteers and practitioners in the frame of European educational programmes, which deal inter alia with the recording and promotion of the flora of the region and promote the richness of the Mediterrenean Horticulture on the Internet.

The aim of "Filoxenia" is to create an electronic botanical bilingual album, which will include all native trees and plants of the region and based on a real Botanical Garden. Such an experimental garden was created in Youth Hostel "Elisson" in Kryoneri Corinthia.

This project will promote to the public the great nature in our region, which is not necessarily well known to the locals and isn't appreciated to the extent that it deserves.

Name Size
apple tree.pdf 1.48 MB
cypress.pdf 1.48 MB
grapes.pdf 1.53 MB
judas tree.pdf 1.48 MB
oak coccifera.pdf 1.46 MB
peach tree.pdf 1.45 MB
pear.pdf 1.48 MB
pine tree.pdf 1.58 MB
plum tree.pdf 1.48 MB
pomegranate.pdf 1.53 MB
figuier.pdf 1.55 MB
almond.pdf 1.5 MB
magnolia.pdf 1.52 MB
cherry.pdf 1.59 MB
sambucus nigra.pdf 1.5 MB