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Memory Walk: the Karamanos hiking trail

The "Memory Walk" is a guided Tour through the village Kryoneri Korinthias and to the Karamanos Cave, realized by the Intercultural-Environmental Organisation FILOXENIA
During the Second World War a jewish family was hidden in this cave.
This trail shows the the most significant places of this story and how it impacts the village until this day. While hiking the trail you will follow the footsteps of the family whilst discovering the beautiful landscape and view over the Corinthian Gulf.

The Karamanos cave (842 m) is located on the slope of a forested hillside, 2 km away from the Kryoneri village. The hiking trail starts at the Polykentro, then continues through the village and then uphill, giving you a marvellous glance over the Gulf of Corinth. On the left, you can also see the Mount Parnassus, which in winter is covered in snow, in beautiful contrast with the blue of the sky and the sea. 

This footpath has a particular significance in the history of the village, being used as an escaping route from the frequent Nazi raids, who were searching for partisans. In 1941, when Nazi Germany occupied Greece, many Jewish families had to flee to remote villages high in the Peloponnese mountains. One Jewish family found shelter in Kryoneri, which was named Matsani at the time. The family was hidden by the villagers because of Papa Athanasoulis, who took them under his wing. During his Sunday sermon on the week of their arrival, he instructed the villagers to protect the family. He warned that though anyone who betrayed them to the Nazis may receive bonuses or money, they would face heavy retribution for their actions. To any Nazi collaborators, he would burn down their house, and banish them and their families from the village.  In this, the reverend, as an important spiritual leader, promised the family’s safety.

if you want to find out more about the history and the hike you can visit the website of the village