ELF AROUND, Volunteering team project in Finland

Nefeli is a lucky Greek participant, who took part in a special volunteering project in Finland in Kokkola for the period of 7th of November until 17th of December 2021.

Elf around! is a project, where volunteers like Nefeli help organizing events and activities during Christmas time regarding Villa Elba's Christmas project.

Now, Nefeli is back home with some more story experience:

"If I had to describe my experience in Finland in one sentence I would say that it was the most unexpectedly beautiful and interesting experience I've ever had. First and foremost, I participated in an absolutely amazing program which had as its target to make children, teachers and families happy, optimistic and full of Christmas spirit. I learned how to make fences, sprouses and Christmas decorations out of natural, sustainable ingredients and be creative enough to make the Elf Path. Moreover, I met 20 new people, so different with each other but yet so incredible and ταιριαστοι. We stayed together for 6 weeks, working, traveling, laughing, crying, that in the end unconditional love and strong friendships were unavoidable.

Additionally, Kokkola and especially Villa Elba was a lovely place near by the sea and full of nature. During the program, we also had some holidays that permitted us to travel around and see more villages and cities, understanding better the Finnish culture and characteristics of the everyday life there. As a Greek person I can say that even the weather was an extreme adventure, including the whole process of adjusting to Finnish temperatures and experiencing the fluffy white snow everyday and everywhere. Finally, I must mention that without Villa Elba and my association FILOXENIA, I wouldn't be able to live this dream. They helped me to go to a completely different country during its most amazing period of the year, as they say, make new friends and discover more things about me. So from the bottom of my heart, I want to say to these organizations a huge THANK YOU.

Cheers to many more amazing adventures.

Happy new year everyone!" Nefeli.