Voluntary Commitment in Greece

A seminar supported by the Deutsch-Griechisches Jugendwerk / Ελληνογερμανικό Ίδρυμα Νεολαίας (Greek-German Youth Institute) took place 22.-27.11.2021 in Kryoneri Korinthia with the topic "Voluntary Commitment", focusing on youth workers and interested young journalists from Greece and Germany. The seminar has been organised in partnership with the German association Pressenetzwerk für Jugendthemen (Bonn). During the seminar, the benefits getting young people through their social involvement, became clear, as they are broadening their horizons, their social and professional skills, and recognize the value of social commitment for personal development. The participants from Germany had an insight into the engagement of young people in Greece, by meeting FILOXENIA association, the European volunteers, hosted in Kryoneri, the Kryoneri Youth Club and Culture Centre, as well as the Greek Youth Hostels Association headquarters. Meetings with regional journalists in Corinth and Nafplio, as well as with the social cooperative "Wind of Renewal" at Welcommon Hostel Athens and the City Unity College (professional training centre) have been important highlights of the seminar. Filoxenia's active involvement in actions of the Greek-German Youth Institute, which started its work in April 2021, will continue, as we've been an active actor during the preparation phase for the foundation of the Institute since 2014.