Civic volunteering

Civic action

During the period 14th – 19th of October 2014 two participants from Greece, sent by ''Filoxenia'' participated in the Training seminar ''Responsible Citizenship - Civic Volunteering'' in Kokkola (Finland).

This project organized for NGOs and professionals who work with volunteering or aiming to work with young people, who would like to get involved with social voluntary work. This project brought together 26 interesting open-minded people from different countries all over Europe and their Organizations too. There were many youth workers, coordinators, trainees volunteers from 13 European countries.

The aim of these trainning seminar was to prepare these participants to take action to increase participation of young people in the society and to increase to sense of responsibility for the society and local environment. We had five really intensive days, with teambuilding activities, group workshops, group discussions, presentations and lots of fun. These days were bit crowded but even more useful and full of knowledge.

We learned about how could work a process of the project planning, for what we have to take more time and attention during the process. That was the most important and the most interesting exercise was the two-day ''Our own Project''. We were groups of classes and every groups carry through an idea of a project. The purpose was to win the big ''chips'' money for implementing the idea. At the end of the first day, we presented our constructions of the projects in front of Mr. Lotsofmoney and Mr. Mayor and we tried to convince them about the necessity of our project. We got some comments, advices and we tried again after the rework at the second day. Through the course we learnt so many important things about group working, the systems of big ideas, and also about the most important stations of the planning process.

At the end, we were given the opportunity to develop our own future project, through cooperation between our organizations.

Civic action