Names of Volunteers: Paraskevas Mylonas, Olympia Papafili

The program in which we participated, has as a thematic section: Youth and title: Life in Europe 24h. It took place from 14 – 28 of November 2012 and there were also two volunteers from Turkey, which was also a participating country.


We were staying at Piispala Youth Center,  located  in central Finland, in the municipality of Kannonkoski, 7 km from the small village of Kannonkoski, in a beautiful forest. The Center is equipped with modern facilities that provide opportunities for a variety of activities. The center’s visitors are mainly youth groups and schools. The nearest town is located 105 km from the Centre Piispala, is the second largest after the capital of Finland, Helsinki and called Jyväskylä. It is a lively city that brings together a considerable number of students not only from Finland but also from abroad. On 18th of November we had a walk along  the city, with our supervisor Anna Zaborna, as the residents of the city celebrated the official opening of the Christmas season.


The Piispala Youth Center visiting youth groups (Nuotta-coaching groups) from Youth Centers of Finland and spend a few days in clean nature by participating in various activities. The members of the groups, are from 17-25 years old and in need of social support and encouragement, as they have a  limited social network, fewer job opportunities and obstacles in having education. The aim of the project was to bring together the members of the groups, with young people from other European countries and joint meetings among the youths, as to have the chance to talk about the lives of young people in Finland, Greece and Turkey – in this case – their common problems and their concerns. During our stay we met  two Nuotta - coaching groups at Piispala Youth Center from Finland and we presented to them the way of life of young people in our country, the problems and the difficulties they face and also general information about Greece. In our spare time, we participated with them in various activities at the Center and we had the opportunity to learn about a different culture and the way of life of young people in Finland, as well as to discuss their concerns and problems they face.

 Although shy at first ... then we became good friends and invited us to spend a few days in Jyväskylä and to meet the New Center of the city.

Also, under the progect  life  in Europe 24h on 26/11 we visited the school of the municipality of  Kannonkoski in schoolgirls Department of foreign language and literature general information about Greece. Then we had a tour in the school premises and the opportunity todiscuss about educational systems in Finland, Greece and Turkey. Our participation in the program was an interesting experience and gave us the opportunity of contact with young people from other countries, a chance to discuss our common problems, to make new friends and to meet such a different way of life and different people, the polite but enclosed Finns.

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