My name is Vasiliki Stavroglou, I am Greek and I am doing my long term (10 months) EVS program in Ankara. I have one roommate, she is from Ukraine and she is also EVS Volunteer at the same organization. Our Hosting Organization “System and Generation”, is located in the city Center of Ankara, where there are many shops, street markets so every day I get in touch with the Turkish culture. Me and my roommate, during our free time, we are traveling around Ankara and hang out with friends, enjoying the Turkish culture and the Turkish hospitality.
My Hosting Organization is an Youth Association. So every day many youngsters come to the office, to learn about Youth in Action Programs, or to learn about the local activities of my HO.
My EVS theme is about European Awareness, Media and Communication and Youth Information.  That means that my tasks are focus to inform the young people about EU and special about EVS Program. I am  also responsible for Youth Telegraph, responding at email and searching for program opportunities. Sometimes I give English of Greek lessons, depends of the needs of the Young people who are going to have their EVS abroad..
 As well I am helping at organizing or I participate  in the local activities of the Hosting Organization. Specific, this period they have a big project about “Inter-generation Dialogue”. They bring together elderly and young people, through activities, which aim is the Active Life of Elderly People. Picnic, music concert, NesilFest  are some of the activities that will take place.