Officers Seminar Important Bird Areas

H HOSTING participated for the second year in the course of volunteer Regional Managers for the birds to southern Greece and Attica, on Saturday 20 and Sunday, November 21, 2010 with 15 other people at the Center for Environmental Education Kleitorias (CHELMOS).

Our representative was Emmanuel Mappus (Manos).
The program of the seminar were:
 - Participation of HOS. The role of NGOs in the protection of areas

 - Information on the institutional framework for the protection of birds and biodiversity,

 - Presentation of CCI Klitoria,

 - How to react in case of violation of rules

- Etc.

All participants who act in various areas such as Corfu, Amvrachikos Gulf, Attica (Mount candle Vardousia Mountain, Mountains Central Evia, Skyros Kochylas Mount, Mount Parnes, Marsh Schinias), Corinth (Stymfalia - Hospitality), Syros , Lagoons Messolongi Mount Taygetos etc, we had the opportunity to exchange views and expertise.

This seminar gave us information on the identification of birds and their behavior, but again showed us all that every citizen can offer on the place, only observing and intervening where necessary. Just been in the hands of some basic skills that give it the power to act (in English empowerment of citizens).