Names of participants: Angeloukou Eugenia, Papafili Olympia

The training seminar in which we participated has as its title: ΄΄Tailwind coaching΄΄ aimed at ways to prevent and cope with the phenomenon of social exclusion among young people and it took part from 16 – 22 January 2013 at the Youth Center Villa Elba, in the town of Kokkola, in Western Finland.

Villa Elba Youth Centre, operates with the support of the Ministry of Education of Finland offering several activities on youth issues, such as training seminars and programs of EVS. Is Located 4 km outside the town of Kokkola, on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia.


Tailwind Coaching”

The aim of the seminar was to highlight the problem of social isolation, particularly among youth and to provide ways of preventing social exclusion through theoretical knowledge and practical applications such as simulation games and social work groups. The project aims to strengthen the field of social work in the field of youth and offers social support to young people, through training opportunities, work and exchange programmes.