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ESC long term project in the Municipality of Ioanniton-Lingiade (01.09.2022-31.08.2023)

ESC long term project in the Municipality of Ioanniton-Lingiade

As the weather improved in the last few months, the work also progressed more. At the end of April to the beginning of May, a German group of visitors came to Ioannina, which we accompanied. The group was very mixed professionally, but one thing they all had in common was that they were interested in history. We accompanied them in Lingiades, in the synagogue and twice in the Actina theatre, where they listened to a lecture on the partisans in Epirus and Adli's account of their history. Where we could help, we helped and we talked a lot about our projects. Also at the beginning of May we met Hilde Schramm. We talked about our projects, the projects of Respect for Greece and about the future of our and her projects. It was a very interesting and nice conversation. The work in Lingiades has stagnated a bit, as we are more or less finished with the website and now only the design of the website needs to be changed, it needs to be proofread by a historian and translated into Greek. The latter is also the reason why the website cannot be published at the moment. At the cemetery we have started to clean some of the graves. For this we remove the moss, sweep and wipe the graves.As Yanes is a German- Greek citizen, he had to finish his international voluntary service at the end of May, otherwise he might have had to join the military. Accordingly, I have been working alone in Ioannina since the end of May. Today, 22.06, I met with the Youth Centre of Epirus at a festival and got into conversation with them about their and my voluntary work. Next week, I will meet with them again to discuss future projects in which I and the following volunteers can participate.



Coordinated by FILOXENIA, Intercultural-Environmental Organisation


Written by the volunteer Konstantine Suffa from Germany. 

This project was supported by the European Solidarity Corps of the European Union through the Greek National Agency “INEDIVIM”