Volunteering - “My school for life”

There are moments that the idea to open your wings and travel to other places and taste experiences different from the standard ones seems like a big distant dream, but when you really believe in yourself and you really know what you want to do, every dream can be reached!

Before one year it could seem only as a joke to me the fact that now I’m here in Portugal doing volunteering (EVS - European Volunteer Service), working with disable people, with elderly people and with kids! And after eleven entire months, I’m still here and I keep enjoying it! Even now, that I’m reaching the end of my program for me every single day is a unique experience, a new discovery, a new lesson for life!

Because at least in my case, volunteering teach me to live with passion every single moment, like the world is going to end tomorrow, to love, because that is the strongest feeling, to help the others without expecting anything in return, to discover myself, my weaknesses and my capabilities and the most important to dream! To dream for a different world, a world in which everyone is one, live as one, fight as one and win as one!

If ever got in your mind the idea of living a unique experience, an experience deep and intense, an experience that will change your life, if you would like to see the world through the eyes of a volunteer, just believe in yourself and become one of us! Remember you can’t change the world, but you can help the world to change!