Youth exchange “Born this way” (18th-27th of July 2018)

During the period 18th-27th of July 7 youngsters (+one leader) from Greece, Filoxenia organisation, ages from 16 to 23 years old, participated in the youth exchange "Born this way" in Arona, Lago Maggiore. During these 10 days the youngsters met other young people from Italy, Luxembourg and Romania and took part in different activities/games like: ice-breakers, “getting to know each other” games, but also deep conversations about accepting yourself, respect for the other, immigration and intercultural shock. Other activities were: got to know the city Arona, took part in different/alternative sport activities, trip to Milan, had a meeting with the LGBT Community “Arcigay”, welcomed refugees in some discussing/sport activities, had a theater/role game/express yourself workshop and organized a flash mob in the city center. This was a very good experience because we learnt many things about difference and acceptance. In this project we improved ourselves. Also, we met many people from different nations, cultures and religions. Moreover, we learnt that it's crucial not to judge things at a first glance, but to give opportunities, time and space in order to be improved.

Written by Greek participants.