Youth Exchange “Building bridges“ in Kryzowa, Poland, 8-14 October 2017

Filoxenia participated in the Youth Exchange “Building bridges” organized in Kryzowa, Poland from 8th till 14th of October in 2017, with the attendance and participation of many young people in the age between 17-25 years old, from several countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Greece (from villages Kryoneri, Lechovo, Komotini). Main focus was on inclusion, that's why participants with mental and also physical disabilities took part, which made the project very special one.
In the project, there were many different kind of activities with the main topics of activism and expression.
The most important and most interesting activities for participants were the 4 workshops about Graffiti, Rap, Beatbox and Breakdance, that each person could choose to join.
Apart from workshop activities, there were also group building games, sport games, free time and evening activities as disco party, talent show for participants to perform/presents their talents such as singing, dancing or anything else.
All those different activities made it easier for people to make friends, get closer to each other and supported the involvement and inclusion of youngsters with disabilities.
Everybody helped the disabled people during their activities as to draw/paint Graffiti, to play drums and some other easy instruments, to rap..., depending on their interests on activities and on their disabilities, to overcome the obstacles and made it possible to actively participate.
Further more we had the chance to visit Wroclaw city, which is a very beautiful historic place.
At the end of the project, we had the chance to prepare some amazing performances all together to show how young people had worked together during the week and what they had learnt.
There was a memorable night together!
In conclusion, through Building bridges project not only young people made new friendships, spent great time but they also learnt to be more confident, more open and more sympathetic, tolerant among other people.
Some participants words about the project:
“I personally also met many people that inspired me a lot to act as a global citizen, be active and be confident. Now I still remember the first time when I came to the disco party, I felt so shy to dance in front of many people but after one week with workshop breakdance, with new inspiring friends, I can say that I like dancing anywhere anytime as long as it has music. It is a big change to me and I am so happy that so far the one week Youth Exchange Building bridges has been one of the best time ever in my life. “ Minh Anh