"Act Green!" 2021

This year, Filoxenia was happy to welcome yet another group of volunteers for the ESC project "Act Green!". Young people from Italy, Spain, Germany, Slovakia and Luxembourg, stayed in Kryoneri to work on environmental protection topics for the entire month of June 2021.

- Cleaning and creating environmental footpaths around Kryoneri
- Marking and mapping hiking trails
- Recycling
- Restoring mosaics
- Restoring Hostel Elisson's planet park
- Painting murals in Corinth
- Intercultural activities

Aside from all the organised activities, the volunteers also went out of their way to integrate in the village and its culture. Many of them would go play volleyball with the locals every day and others would meet up at the tavern for a chat and a drink. Greek lessons were of course offered and every participant enjoyed their time getting to know a brand new language. 

Not only did the volunteers learn about Greek culture and traditions but also about each other's countries. On the intercultural evening, each group prepared a presentation and a dish from their home, to share with the rest of the participants.

It was a great and successful month in general and every single volunteer enjoyed making lasting memories and gaining new experiences.
Watch a video of this experience here!