“Mosaic of Diversity” in Kryoneri

Youth Exchange Kryoneri 6 - 14 July, 2012
European Youth in Action Programme

Within the European  Programme "Youth in Action"  a youth exchange
is being implemented entitled "Mosaic of Diversity".


The Youth Exchange takes place in the period 6 - 14 July 2012 in Kryoneri Korinthias. Twenty young people from Greece, Spain, Germany and Italy have the opportunity to work for diversity, which is part of our daily life and human existence.

 The central idea is to connect different cultures and backgrounds through the art of mosaic, in a celebration of diversity. Young people learn to work together with respect and tolerance to each other, in very practical ways, designing, learning the technique of mosaic in international mixed teams, by implementing 4 large 3-dimensional mosaic sculptures with animal figures, symbolizing diversity in Europe.

The programme also includes: visits to the Environmental Footpath ofKryoneri, the Environmental Museum and the archaeological site of Stymfalia, the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth, acquaintance with Greek dances together with members of the Kryoneri Cultural Youth Association, meeting with the Corinthian Youth County Council NOSYN and a film night in the amphitheatre of Kryoneri on 12.7.2012, 9.30 pm.

The programme concludes with an exhibition of the mosaic sculptures in the courtyard of the Agritourism Hostel "Elisson", on Friday, 13.7.2012 at 8 pm, inviting all young people and the community of Kryoneri.

Filoxenia and its partners Ayuntamiento de Murcia-Servicio de Juventud (ES), Landesjugendring Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (DE) and Assoziazione Enzimistudio Torino (IT) are members of the European Network PLATFORM.

The programme is supported by the Institute of Youth and Lifelong Learning.

Blog page:   http://mosaicofdiversity.tumblr.com/