"European action week against racism" 17-25 March 2012

On 22nd of March 2012, in the European action week against racism, a group of local young people together with other participants coming from different countries (Italy, Latvia, France..) through European programmes as Leonardo da Vinci and European voluntary service came together and organised a "Street action against racism and value diversity" in the city streets of Kiato.

In the frame of the United Campaign called "Open your mind" they wanted to bring the anti-racism facts into the society and remind people that we are living in united world, so there’s no place for any kind of discrimination.

The street action consisted from "Free hugs", from completing Questionnaires prepared before, from Graffiti on the street as a visible way to expressed them-self and from other actions as to actively involve people and ask for their opinions and thoughts on a discrimination subjects and get to know how they are familiar with Human Rights issues.

In their words: "The dialogue was constructive most of the times, and we are pretty sure that this kind of experience could help and make every person better."

During the week, workshop with disabled young people contributed with some drawings on the theme "United world-love for everybody".
Furthermore local young people participated in the workshop on Human rights which included some Energizers, discussions about the topic and creating the Questionnaire for the Street action.

Those activities were organized by the Corinthian Youth Centre's Network.