Between 5 -13 August 2011, 20 young people from Portugal, Greece, Romania and Poland will meet in Amarante, a pretty town in northern Portugal, which spans the history and nature.

The Greek delegation includes 5 young people from Sikyonia, aged 15-17 years and 1 leader, who will represent "Filoxenia".

Young people have taken part in several
preparation meetings in Kiato & Krioneri, where they met and talked with European volunteers working in the Environmental Footpath of Krioneri. Similar preparation meetings are taking part in all participating countries, while the youngsters are communicating through a special blog with young people from other participating countries.

The main purpose of the programme is to sensitize young people on Human Rights. The programme focuses on cultural diversity, given that
particularly young people are open to search for similarities and differences among cultures.

Activities are based on the training's manual on human rights "COMPASS", of the Council of Europe. A
600 copies postcard will be designed, which will refer to the results of the meeting, & then will be distributed in schools, youth centers, cultural centers, etc.

The exchange is in a Multi-Measure project entitled "Education in human rights," in the frame of the EU-Youth in Action Programme, & will last one year.