"Olympism in Action" is a Youth and Democracy project

"Olympism in Action" is a Youth and Democracy project supported by European commission- Youth in Action Programme.
The main theme of this Activity was to promote healthy lifestyles among youngsters and their participation and active citizenship in democratic processes towards a better quality of life. This Activity had the duration of 14 months (from 1st August 2013 till 30th September 2014) and took place at local level (Amarante - Portugal, Trbovlje - Slovenia, Cristuru-Secuiesc - Romania and Korinthia – Greece), as well as at international level, with the first meeting taking place in Portugal.

Around 30 youngsters from above mentioned participating countries spent one unforgettable week during the period 3.-10.9.2014 in Amarante (Portugal), during the final international tournament.
The meeting was balanced with different kind of sports activities, visits, relaxations, simulations and tournaments.
An “Olympism in Action” follow-up project  is planned to be hosted in Corinthia, Greece in 2015-2016, after a democratic voting of the groups.

Short activity report written by the Greek young people participated:

During the period 3th -10th of September 2014, 7 youngsters from Greece between 14-17 years old, participated in a youth democracy programme about sports. After many meetings during the year they realized a trip to Portugal. They met there other youngsters from countries like Slovenia, Romania and Portugal which also participated in the same programme. Daily they participated in sports such as golf, tennis, football, table tennis, volleyball, they visited some new places and had walks in forests, jumped into a lagoon with water temperature of just 10 degrees celcius, travelled around the city and playd a lot of games to get to know each other, which definately helped them to become close friends. Additionally, some evenings have been dedicated to each participating country, where young people presented their country, their food, their traditional music and costumes.

In the end of the exchange everybody was sad, because no one wanted to leave this beautiful experience, the place and the new “siblings” they met. But they were also very happy due to the amazing, full of laughter and smiles and full of amazing moments week, that nobody will ever forget. (Dimitris, Kostas, Ino, Angeliki, Andromachi, Vasia, Anastasia).