Celebration of Birds in 2010 Stymfalia

On Sunday, October 3, 2010, we organized the "Celebration of Birds" in cooperation with the City Stymfalias, in the Pan celebration of birds.

The aim was to inform the public about birds that live in the Lake Stymfalias and the problems they face due to human activities, interventions and behaviors.

The activities offered by members of the NGO was hosting: birdwatching, environmental games, painting and stories.
We also had a booth with literature of the Greek Ornithological Society.

Most guests after the celebration continued the "environmental" experience in the new Museum Environment Stymfalias. This shows that the environmental interest in the region increases.However, the lake has suffered serious damage: pollution from garbage, reducing the extent and amount of water and reduce the number of birds.

Hopefully the interest of residents and visitors, combined with dialogue and cooperation of stakeholders, to bring positive results and to restore all losses suffered by the lake.