Jovens de Pleno Direito" Multi-Measure project on Human Rights Education, Youth Democracy Project "Put your rights up to date

From May 2011 till May 2012 a group of 16 young people between 15 and 17 years old from Kiato and Corinth are participating in the Youth Democracy project (Youth in Action 1.3.) called “Put your rights up to date!”.

This project was simultaneously in Amarante (Portugal) and in Corinthia (Greece).

The main objectives of this project are promote among young people respect for Human Rights and fundamental freedoms as encourage young people to participation and active citizenship.

During this period young people were every month until now actively involved to different kind of activities: outdoor activities, organizing an artistic initiative, workshops on Human rights- exploring the main declarations and articles, seminars as Human Rights weekend by involving other young people, participating and celebrating different international days related to Human Rights, study visit in an organizations working in the field of Human Rights as Amnesty International and a Center hosting refugees in Athens.

Furthermore on February 2012 the Greek group were hosting the Portuguese group of young people in Greece, in the seminar were they get to know each other personally, they exchanged their experience from the project and they were preparing themselves for the final activity.

As a final activity in April 2012 was a meeting in Portugal were young people participated in a real Court of law in Amarante (Portugal) on simulation of a Human Rights trial to became familiarize with the democratic procedures.

We believe that this project was of great benefit to young people and that they will use those experience in their futures.