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Youth exchanges

Youth Exchange "Let's talk about diversity", organized with our partner Kleiner Muck association, situated in Bonn, Germany.

Dates: 04.-11.07.23 in Bonn, Germany & 14.-21.07.23 in Kryoneri Korinthias, Greece

Thematically: diversity, discrimination, everyday racism, feminism, safe space, empowerment, mindfulness, DiY-workshops, yoga, meditation, vegetarian food.

The exchange is aimed at young people between 17-22 years, who are interested in working together on the topics of discrimination, diversity & mindfulness. There will be numerous workshops - in...Read more

Youth Exchange "Participation of Youth" organized with our partner SportJugendClub Wildwuchs, situated in Berlin, Germany.

Dates: 01.-07.08.23 in Kryoneri Korinthias, Greece & 21.-27.10.23 in Berlin, Germany.

Thematicallly: memory/remembrance, prejudices, history, discrimination, political/civic education, empowerment.

The focus of the youth exchange is a joint memory project, which, apart from our common reassessment and search for traces of the Greek-German past during the Nazi era, also aims at breaking down prejudices and creating friendly relations between...Read more

Youth Exchange "Upcycling Art", organized with our partner Sprühlinge e.V. association, situated in Berlin, Germany.

Dates: 18.-24.08.23 in Kryoneri Korinthias, Greece & 29.10.-04.11.23 in Berlin, Germany.

Thematically: environment, sustainability, graffiti, photography.

The exchange is aimed at young people, who are interested in working together on the topics of environmental education, such as recycling, sustainability, responsible and conscious use of our limited resources using creative methods such as graffiti and photography.

Ages: 13-18 years old...Read more