On 15th May, youngsters from different countries gathered together in a village called Kryoneri in the region of Corinth, Greece. We had come there to participate in a voluntary EVS project called AGROroads2.

The first weekend was about getting to know each other and our surroundings. And then the work started.

The first week went past too fast, as everyone got used to the strange work, even stranger tools and, strangest of all, the ever-continuing siesta time. Working on the environmental footpath, restaurating an old traditional house from 1880, painting the walls of the local kindergarden and realizing the project "planet park" have been the tasks we were responsible for. Even though we were working in small groups, we had the opportunity to deepen our relationships by having the meals together and sharing our freetime activities.

During the weekends we had the opportunity to discover the region. Drinking some Frappé in Kiato, eating a pita in New Corinth or visiting an old monastery near Kryoneri were some of the great activities. In addition to that, visiting the historical sites of Nemea and Ancient Corinth were amazing experiences. Some of us even had the opportunity to visit Athens.

In the final week we had an intercultural night, where we represented our different countries with some culinary specialities. It turned out that a Finnish-Luxembourgish-Turkish dinner tastes delicious.

After 3 weeks of an unforgettable adventure, it was finally time to say goodbye. The evening before we left, we enjoyed ourselves for one last time by having a farewell party at the local taverna.
We all turned back home with different views of life, great memories and new friends.