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"Filoxenia", Intercultural-Environmental Organisation

The new Board of Directors of the Association "Filoxenia", Intercultural-Environmental Organisation, elected by the General Assembly, is as follows:

President: Mrs Renatina Athanassouli
Secretary: Mr George Palamaris
Member: Mr Alexandros Souvatzis

Filoxenia is embedding since August 2014 the former active NGO Corinthian Environmental Movement.
The association is based in Kryoneri Korinthias and has the following purposes:
to promote the intercultural contact and understanding between citizens and to create a common European identity;
to promote mobility of citizens through participation in various programmes of the European Union, the Council of Europe and other international organisations;
to support voluntary work and the principle of self-help society;
to promote actions in ecology, environmental protection and sustainable development of rural areas;
to organise events for the promotion of national and world cultural heritage and creativity;
to develop Lifelong learning projects, training and development of leisure time activities for citizens & especially for young people.